¼ Angus Beef, 100% Grass-fed, Grass-Finished Beef (100lbs. Cut Weight)

This is exceptionally high quality 100% Grass-fed Black Angus beef. This beef is not just grass-fed, it's grass-finished. Grass finished means the animal has reached physical maturity and was kept on grass while developing exterior and intramuscular fat which is what produces the level of marbling found in prime beef. It is not possible to raise grass-finished beef in a short time, usually 24-36 months compared to non-finished cattle.
This quarter beef contains an assortment of most of the following cuts and roasts and is vacuum-sealed for long-lasting freshness:

  • Tenderloin steaks
  • NY strip steaks
  • Top sirloin steaks
  • Regular sirloin steaks
  • Flank steak
  • Skirt steak
  • Top round steaks
  • Rib eye steaks (bnlss)
  • Rolled rump roast (2-3lbs.)
  • Bottom round roast (3-4lbs.)
  • Whole brisket (4-5lbs.) or Eye Round Roast and Chuck Roast
  • Front/hind shanks, cut down as soup bones
  • 2lbs beef cubes in 1 lb. packs.
  • 36lbs. Beef Patties 4-4oz per pack
  • 36lbs. Ground beef in 1lb. packages
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